Michael Skoulsky

For Michael, every project starts with a vision and a sketch. Working with his father from an early age gave him a visual mind and understanding of construction that continuously brings something new to the homes he creates.

Building homes is in his blood. The hard work instilled in him by his father, Stas, is put into every one of his undertakings.

Michael believes that helping his employees grow and develop their own success is equally as important as developing his own. Sharing ideas and knowledge drives a better development community.

As the founder of KMS Development and Stas Development, Michael holds intimate knowledge of construction and real estate development with over 15 years of experience. He holds a Bachelors degree in Finance from DePaul University and thoroughly understands real estate investing.


Vlad Demskyy

As the chief accountant, Vlad heads the accounting, book keeping, and reporting for Stas. With his expertise, we keep accurate and up-to-date reports on each property. Vlad works closely with lenders and investors to ensure transparency on each of our projects. Vlad holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Depaul University.


Kotryana Dyadyuk

Kotryana handles some of the most crucial elements of Stas’ construction process. With her deep understanding of real estate development and fluency in five languages, she manages client and contractor relations. She also handles contracts, insurances, maintaining construction schedules, and accounts receivables.